Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Baking and Olive Garden-ing

The girls got to bake and decorate cookies with their Tito and Tita.
They LOVE going over to Evan and Sarah's!
I'm thankful they enjoy having the girls over, too.

In response to my asking if they were good, my sister said:
They were just loud and didn't listen a lot - I think because they were so excited.


Thanks, Tito & Tita!

While the girls were baking, and Evangeline was hanging out with Lola - Bill and I had dinner with some of our favorites at Olive Garden.  Besides eating way. too. much, it was a great time to catch up with the beautiful people who help Bill out tremendously throughout the year.  They invest their time and their hearts, and I love it.  I'm praying that my girls will have awesome "big kids" like these to look up to when they're older!
5 days 'til Christmas!

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