Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts, Christmas Specials, and The Best Children's Bible Ever

We finished making the last of the gifts for our teachers and staff
at the big girls' two schools.  Super cute, yes?

 Bill found some Christmas shows for the girls to watch after dinner and baths:

We've been reading through this each night:

We LOVE this Bible!

"Written for children ages four and up, The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the one story underneath all the stories of the Bible and points to the birth of a child, the Rescuer, Jesus. Complete with 44 Bible stories, The Jesus Storybook Bible paints a beautiful portrait of Jesus and invites children to see that he is not only at the center of God’s great story of redemption—he is

at the center of their story too."

On the first of December, we started at a place that would bring us to the birth of Jesus on December 25th.  It's been fun to read it with the girls each night, and it's been a great reminder for me to focus on Him in these busy weeks.  We've missed a story here or there, but we just read two the following night so we can still finish with Jesus' birth on the 25th.

6 days 'til Christmas!


Stacey Turner said...

I have been looking for a book like this for my kids. I bought this one you recommended and we have been reading a story each night. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Grace said...

The girls love it - how do yours like it? I hope they're enjoying it!!