Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Night with Addie Louise

Addie came over tonight, and it was great fun.

After dinner and lots of playing, reading, coloring, etc. -
all the girls finished up a movie we started the night before:
Photo Source

They LOVE Addie (even though they kept calling her Regan),

and it was hard for them to go to bed knowing that she was still here!

After bedtime, Addie and I (and sometimes Bill) watched The Biggest Loser,
while I crafted things with cans that I'll show you very soon.

Bob and Bev came by to get their baby, and The Husband and I jumped on the gift-wrapping train.  We still have a few more to go only because we're the slowest wrappers on the planet.  Well, I'm probably the slow one - the Mr. is actually pretty good at wrapping!

12 days 'til Christmas!

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