Saturday, December 24, 2011

Party All Day Long (and an Apology)

Bill took Isabella and Evangeline for the morning so I got to bring
the girls' teacher gifts to school for them.
Gianna had her Christmas party this morning - it was fun to see her in her kindergarten world.  Most
kids (at least mine) save their sass for home so it was reassuring to see
that she really is a sweet girl at school. 

After school, my parents took the girls out for the afternoon.  The girls love this place,
Photo Source
so they were excited that they each got a fun craft from Lolo and Lola.
Michael's was followed by lunch and a movie.
Thank you, Lolo and Lola!

While the babies were with Bill, and the big girls were with my parents - I went to Sam's Club for some groceries.  When I got home, I was a big jerk with Bill because

He wasn't doing what I thought he was supposed to be doing.
I wasn't very good at asking for help.
I'm always the meanest to the ones I love the most.

(Please note how many I's there are in the statements above - selfish much?)

Dear Bill,
I'm sorry I jumped all over you.
You're an awesome husband and dad.
Please excuse me for being the worst of me sometimes.
I love you forever,

3 days 'til Christmas!

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