Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maileen's Journey - January 5

Thanksgiving 2011
Sweet friends!  Thank you for faithfully praying for my cousin Maileen.
I know it's been awhile since our last update, but He still hears those prayers!
On Christmas morning I looked into the mirror, and I had seedling eyebrow hair growing in. New Year's Day, I was trying to remove my eyeliner and discovered
what I was trying to remove were new eyelashes.

Today, Jan 5th, I looked at my blood results.  Not only was all normal, but my tumor markers (which need to be between 0-31.00) were at 14.72 - much lower then a month ago (Dec 1st at 19.24).  Without the main chemo drug in my system (Maileen is not on chemo at the moment) 
and keeping my body's terrain healthy by what I eat and do, my tumor markers have
continued to stay low in a very good way.

On Dec 28th Marissa also got her one month extension even after being delayed two times since we applied for the extension...and that day God let it we went sledding that's been an encouraging start to the year.

Praying all of you have had encouraging moments to ending 2011 and starting 2012.

God is very good.  He hears the prayers of those who love and claim Him to be Lord.  This journey constantly reminds me of how God has created us to pray for one another, to support and encourage one another and to help us draw closer to Him and build our faith...We are all so very grateful for each of you...I am praying my liver clears up by my next CTs at the end of the month.

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