Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Attitude

Here comes rain again
Photo by: Junichiro Aoyama
Oh hey there, Sassy!
How are you doing?

Oh, you know - just lacking in sleep and patience as of late.

It's amazing how quickly my personality changes when things don't go my way,
especially when:
one child is sick for several, long days
another child gets sick after that
I haven't been out of the house for what seems like an eternity
I haven't been to the gym in even longer 
things have been busy, and I haven't had any time with my favorite
my attitude and heart are ridiculous, and it makes me even more grumpy
said grumpiness makes me extra mean to said favorite

Again, my selfishness amazes me.

Despite how awful I've been lately, I still have:
a husband who continually walks by my side
children who want to play with me and freely share their love and hugs
friends who check up on me and want to spend time together
a God who loves me unconditionally and perfectly

Get it together!
Stop obsessing with self.
Turn this focus outward.
Love other people.


Cindy said...

Everyone gets a lil sassy sometimes ;-)...miss you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your message this morning, Miss Sassy Pants. And Cindy is right, of course, everyone gets a lil sassy sometimes!
Bob was trying to explain to me while we were at the grocery store Saturday night, why he felt like punching me. hehe! Then this morning, I was getting ready to take him to school so that I could have the van (which equates to me throwing my coat on over my pj's). I jump in the car, he hands me his coffee to hold so that he could put his seatbelt on (grrrrrrrrr!). I said, "you have been sitting out here and you still don't have your seatbelt on?". He looks at me and says, "that's what I'm talking about!". Of course, after 34 years, I knew he meant what he was trying to tell me from Saturday night. I was a very good girl (well, not good enough to say "sorry"). I closed my mouth and "walked away in my mind", while I held his coffee. I had volumes that I wanted to say. was 6:55am, I had not slept well, it was cold and rainy, blah, blah, blah! MEN!!! Can't live with them....and you can't live with them! :) And that was not a typo! Love you Grace! I know that your day got better!

Dona Haggerty said...

That last post was me...Dona Haggerty. Wasn't trying to be "mysterious". hehe!

Grace said...

Awww - thanks, Cindy ;) I miss you, too!!

Grace said...

Dona - you make me laugh...thanks for your encouragement!!