Monday, January 23, 2012

To My Parents

Espy and Gianna are leaving that mostly everything we do is adorable stage and becoming little people - with their own distinct personalities.  I often find myself drowning in that world of diapers and potty training and cooking and cleaning - basically just making sure everyone's fed and groomed.  No worries - that's still going on, but Espy and Gianna are throwing something new into the mix.

Now that we have an almost eight-year old and a five-year old, Bill and I are suddenly in a whole
new world.  The shift in the attitude, the need for the last word, the sass in the conversation -
they have all arrived, and I'm scared to death.

I feel like I have an ocean of patience at my fingertips, yet I easily lose it while Espy's practicing her piano, slam my hands onto the keys, and walk away.  My grace is sufficient, of course - but I give Gianna a look that could harm a small kitty cat without batting an eye.  One ill exchange and I can morph from best mom ever to why did anyone allow this woman to have children?

I'm thankful Bill prays for me daily because I need it.
I pray myself that God would keep molding me into the mom He wants me to be -
even with the ridiculous piece of clay He starts with on a daily basis.

Dear Dad and Mom,
I know I wasn't a horrible child.
I do know that I wasn't the easiest teenager or young adult to be around.
I'm sure you made me apologize,
but I want you to know that I really am sorry - truly.

I'm sorry for:
the broken curfews
the disrespectful words
the unnecessary fights
the bad decisions

Thank you for:
and loving me in spite of me
(just like He does!)

You are great parents and fantastic grandparents - I love you!
Now pray that your grandchildren can survive your daughter as a mother.

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