Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Girls' Valentines

With over 75 valentines to give to friends and family, I know our girls' hands would tire from writing
their names over, and over, and over again - especially SassyBella's!

We took these pictures after dinner one night.  I edited them with Picnik and had them printed out at Sam's.  My friend let me borrow her nifty coluzzle (thanks, Natalie!) to make two slits on the pictures.  We slid pencils through the holes and had the cutest valentines EVER.  So adorable.  So easy.  NO signing!  (I promise I'll make them practice writing their names another time.)

Lots of thanks to Landee of Landee See, Landee Do for helping me with our valentines this year.  Landee has a great blog with tons of great ideas.
I had questions, and she had answers.
Thanks again, Landee!


Sara said...

Such a great and creative idea!

Grace said...

Thanks, Sara - I love Landee's blog - she's super creative!!