Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend (and Monday) Recap

  • The weekends go by so ridiculously fast!
  • Friday night we had the boys from youth group over for salad and spaghetti.  Our girls LOVE them.  Boys - thanks for reading books, playing tea party, and paying special attention to them!  It's always tricky trying to keep the girls out of the living room when they start talking serious, but they were hooked up electronically while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Fresh brownies (I'm trying not to bake so much because I tend to enjoy leftover baked goods a little too much) helped ease having to go to bed without playing with them some more.
  • Bill had a men's thing at church on Saturday.  Before leaving, he built the girls this:
  • Shortly after he left, he got a text saying that he's not allowed to build forts unless he'shome to supervise.  
  • Espy and I had fun trying to untangle this yarn of delight (we still have some more to do):
  • HJ came over to play while her dad and mom worked.  Espy, Gianna and Isabella were competing for her attention all day: Hayley, wanna color?  Hayley come in our room!  Hayley, wanna play with blocks?  Hayley, come play in the living room!  Poor HJ.
  • That night we went out to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday - 65!!  Happy Birthday, Dad - thanks for taking all of us out to eat.  Sorry you had to come by our house afterwards to get your gift because I'm lame and forgot to bring it to dinner!  I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that my sister and I are grown-ups now.  So strange.  
  • We've known Abbey since she was in high school (we only had Espy then!).  We love Abbey!  Now she's getting ready to get her Master's.  What in the world?  Thanks so much for watching Evangeline (once again).  Sorry if she drooled on you when she fell asleep!
  • Bill had a meeting first thing Sunday morning.  Isabella was weird before going to "the yellow class" (children's church) and refused to let me go.  Please don't leave me, Mommy.  I'm afraid.  I want to go home.  After the kids sang, and I hung out for a little bit - I made my escape.  Miss Robin was laughing at me because I had to literally run out and get the childproof (AKA Grace-proof) gate open before Isabella glanced up from what she was doing.  She wasn't happy when she realized I had left - but she got over it.  I'm hoping this is a short phase she's going through - it's so pitiful!
  • Communion and I Corinthians - so good.
  • Bill made us steaks and salad for lunch.  The girls and I love some steak so it was a nice treat.
  • After lunch, I avoided laundry and did this:
  • The girls were all excited because they had some weekend wii time, and I was happy that Isabella was actually snuggling with me!
  • Poor Husband got ridiculously sick Sunday afternoon.  It was a scary 24 hours filled with lots of "sickness," laundry and Lysol.  We think it was either food poisoning or a stomach virus.  Our friend was awesome and came to our rescue with meds to settle his stomach and help him sleep - thanks, Kris!!
  • I was still trying to keep us and Bill's germs separated Monday morning.  He was feeling better - just tired and super sore from all the heaving.
  • After getting the girls to school, Isabella and I brought Evangeline over to my mom's for some Lola time.  Then, we headed to gymnastics.  She was afraid again, and just wanted to go home.  Miss Thalia was fantastic and carried her in crying.  After they warmed up, she finally settled down.  A few minutes into class she came to the door needing to go potty.  I was worried she wouldn't go back in, but she ran inside and waved good-bye like she normally does.  So weird.
  • While I was waiting for Isabella, I found out that some friends of ours HAD THEIR SWEET BABY GIRL!  So very exciting.  I could cry when I think about what awesome parents they will be, and how God's hand and His timing have been so amazing in her little life already!  She's BEAUTIFUL just like her momma, but looks just like her daddy - if that makes any sense at all.  We're so excited for you, JP and Natalie!
  • Before going to the hospital, I had lunch at Mom's and hung out with her while waiting for Evy to wake up from her nap.  My mom is an amazing cook (thank you!).
  • Now I'm off to: make lunches, dinner prep, and entertain my BFF (the laundry).
  • Evangeline - have fun will all of the toys you just dumped out on the floor.  Please don't climb onto high things while I'm ToDo-ing!

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