Monday, March 5, 2012

Sickness and an Awesome Husband

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Yesterday started out just like any other Sunday morning - waking up and getting ready for church.  Bill didn't have any meetings so we were all able to ride together which is always nice.  

Our church is awesome.
I'm sure yours is, too - don't take offense! 
While we were singing, I started feeling funny and lightheaded.  I just dismissed it to the lack of
caffeine in my diet lately.  I told Bill - and he said, "It's because you were dancing."
Um, I wasn't dancing.  Promise. 
The kids were dismissed, and Isabella went to her class without any problem - yay!  Espy and Gianna walked with her, and I followed far enough behind just to make sure she didn't lose it before getting there.  Success!

I made some hot tea and stuffed my face with a bunch of little donuts in hopes of getting out of my funk.  I sat down next to Bill and got hot.  Then, I was cold.  And then - hot again.  I was fidgety, and Bill told me I should go in his office.  I was worried about making it there without falling out.  I got up, located a focal point (like during labor!), and made it on wobbly sea legs.  I found a Butterfinger (obviously all the junk is helping me at this point, right?), ate it, and laid my head on his desk hoping Bill and the girls would be able to find me after church.

They found me and were loud and curious and LOUD.  We all made it to our vehicle and headed home.  I felt like I might throw up at any moment - thank goodness for the Old Navy tote I had in our van.  I'm happy I didn't have to use it.  Once we got home - I changed into comfies, thought about getting sick, and crawled into bed.  I woke up around 6:30 with a horrible headache.  I had some dinner and hung out with Bill for a little bit before heading back to bed for the rest of the night.

This morning, I woke up and I was back to normal.  How weird and random is that?  I rarely get sick.  When I do, I try to ignore it.  When the sickness renders me incapacitated, I'm a complete baby.  Despite my inability to do a single thing, Bill was fantastic all day long.  He fed the girls lunch, helped them with crafts, gave them baths, cooked them dinner, had lunches packed for the next day, AND the living room and kitchen were clean before we went to bed.  One of my love languages is definitely acts of service - and The Husband knows it!

I'm thankful whatever this was didn't stay long, and I'm also happy that Bill is such an amazing husband and father.  Don't get me wrong, we're not always skipping around in a field of daisies around here - marriage is hard and wonderful and difficult and amazing all at the same time.  Days like yesterday remind me how much Bill loves me, and I wouldn't trade the hard and the difficult of it all for a second.

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