Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VBS: Day 2

We are so thankful for the running water - they are able to use the shower, sinks,
and toilet (girls only).  Thank you for your prayers.

Our group had a good morning at VBS enjoying lots of one on one time with the kids.

After VBS, they had lunch in town at Pizza Edge and washed their clothes at the laundromat.  They also made a grocery run.  It was fantastic to be able to talk to Bill & Espy while they were there.

Later on in the afternoon, they got to participate in a community 3K Walk / 5K Run called Just Move It.  This has been a great opportunity for our group to spend time with the Navajos outside of the church/VBS in years past.

Can you hear this now in the desert?
Woke up to Bill playing "Ghostbuster" on the iPod.  Can't get better than that!

if Jay can comfort this little guy,
he will be the "baby whisperer"
The men coming back from a trip to the
Valley of the Shadow for a group potty break!

I told Lori that if she could snap a picture of Bill & Espy, I'd treat her to a coffee.  A few minutes later, I got these from Bill & Abby:
Bill: That was for free coffee
Abby: Bring my coffee to the airport ;)
Lori: Success!
Lori gets coffee AND dinner
for sending me a pic of this handsome thing.
Thank you for continuing to pray for our group - we appreciate it so much.

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