Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Service & Pre-VBS Prep

Saturday night
Our group spent the morning freshening up without running water for the service at our host church, Hidden Springs Bible Church.  Afterwards - they passed out flyers and prepped for VBS.

Here are some texts I got throughout the day:

Pray for some "crankiness" to go away, mostly from lack of indoor potty.  Nobody is complaining, doing well.  On our way to pass out flyers {for VBS}.

...we are doing good!  Right now, I'm in a van passing out flyers in Cedar Ridge and the other van went to Gap.  Bill stayed back waiting for someone to come help fix the leak so hopefully we can get water.  

We have wipes along with a few others so we have been "showering" with baby wipes.  Surprisingly, I don't feel as yucky as I thought I would.  Trying to stay positive and remind the teens why we are here!  Bill had a good devotion last night about how God is the living water, and how we can't live without water just like we can't live without Christ.  Such a great reminder especially since we don't have water right now!  Some smelly feet, but deodorant and spray does wonders!

No one complaining about the lack of water.  Some need some patience with others, but I think it's just because they are uncomfortable from being so dirty.
Saturday night

This is life with no water, getting creative.

 waiting to go to church

sweet cousins experiencing AZ together

Thank you for continuing to pray for our group.  We have a "maybe" on the running water situation at the moment.  Pray for patience and focus as they have their first morning of VBS tomorrow - with or without water.  Pray that they would all be able to get a good night's sleep (there were several random interruptions last night that kept some of our leaders up most of the night).  Lauren texted, ...if this is the worst it gets, we will be great.  We know that God can work all things together for His good.  I know our group has already shown His love on the Reservation in a tangible way.  Praying this continues in the face of difficult and/or stressful situations. 

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