Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans - AZ Style

Today's happenings shared via text:
 Good morning!  Everyone is up, and it is 5:20.
We have no water pressure this morning.  The water ran out of the tanks last night.  It is teaching
us patience.  A cup of water is the shower.  Poor Bill.
On the way to the GC.
My response to the photo above:
The little cousins look tired.  Have fun at the Grand Canyon!
Lori reassured me with:
Bill just gave them Skittles after the picture.  They perked right up.

Lauren's Updates:
The GC was amazing!  We are at Denny's now for lunch.  Much needed for everyone. Haha.
Still have to fix the water tank, but Jay thinks he knows exactly what to do so hopefully by tonight we will have water for showers, toilets, and sinks.  We had some pressure this morning, but right before we left the pressure was just about gone.
Everyone is doing great though despite the water trouble this morning!
Someone is supposed to be bringing a tank to fix ours so hopefully it will be good tonight!

As of this post, there is no water coming from the tanks so no showers, flushing, sinks, etc.  The group has plenty of water bottles, and everyone is well.  They just might be stinky.

Just in from Lauren:
No water yet.  Only can use outhouse.  Boys going in mountain.  Bill found the leak, and ware just waiting for the tank to fill up again.  We are completely out of water now.  Just down to water bottles.

And from Bill:
Espy and Abs are good.
No just gotta wait {for the tank to fill up}.
{Big} kids are good.

Regardless of the water situation - or anything else
that may or may not go wrong on this trip -
there is Isaiah,
Photo by: Abby
and he is one of the many reasons why we are there.
That makes it all worth it.

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