Thursday, June 27, 2013

VBS: Day 4

Our group is being cautious with the water supply:
If toilet stops working do not use.  Contact plumber immediately.  Thanks.

They are being very cautious:
This is a weak toilet!  It works great for #1.  If you have to #2, please use other toilet.
P.S. This much paper works great.  It won't clog it up.

This is a must!
Hold handle down until toilet completely flushes.  If toilet stops up, do not use.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Contact plumber immediately!
Thanks for your cooperation.
Careful how much paper you use! (Save a tree.)

If you followed all directions, things should flow smoothly.  If things don't flow, plunge as fast as you can.  Good luck!

Wednesday's Navajo Tacos

Our group had a good morning at VBS followed by lunch and a visit to the jewelry stands and stores.  Later on in the afternoon, they were able to have another softball game in Gap.  During their free time - they were able to rest, hike, prep for tomorrow's VBS, and spend quality time with their leader like this:
This is what your husband does on missions trips.
Here's another.

Thank you for praying for our group.

Kota & Stephanie
Graycen & Rihanna
They will be spending time with everyone they can spend time with tonight and tomorrow.  After VBS - they will have lunch, pack up, and clean the property/buildings before they head to Phoenix.  It will be hard for everyone to say their goodbyes.  Thank you for praying for their safety.  Please pray that each one would remember all the love that was freely given to the Navajos this week, and how that love was so easily returned.  Please pray that same love would be shown to each other and to those they encounter as they travel.  Please pray for their hearts as they assimilate back into normal life back home in Virginia.  Please pray that they would remember all that they saw and experienced on the Reservation.  God has His purpose for each one affected by this trip.  Bill & I pray that we would all be open to what He has in store next.

We appreciate your love & support.
Lori & Sharon

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