Monday, June 24, 2013

VBS: Day 1

We were able to shower...water is not coming in fast. Water only being used for showers and dishes. Everything else outside.

We did get some rest thankfully.  No visitors last night. ... We have some water for dishes, and we were all able to take showers between last night and this morning so that was amazing!  Still going to the bathroom outside to save the water.  Waiting for the buses to get back and start day one of VBS.

Still conserving water, potty outside, but can shower and do dishes!  First VBS morning done.  Everybody happy.

Day 1 of VBS:

Josh getting creative with his spaghetti, lettuce,
mayo, syrup, and cheese sandwich!  Grocery run tomorrow.
Kitchen Chats
Tired Eric

Our group hosted a cookout & a softball game in Gap this afternoon:
Sardines going to Gap!
Piggybacks are the best: 

Photos from the husband:
Friday night worship
Bill's Makeshift Toilet

Our Girl

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