Friday, June 21, 2013

On The Road

Please enjoy the lovely pictures the husband sent me early this morning.  This is the hotel our group stayed in last night: swimming, eating pizza, watching the game, etc.  They also had a meeting for a time of preparation and prayer for the upcoming week.
This is our associate pastor:
Lauren Keating (one of our leaders) sent me the following text about half an hour ago:
We are at the hotel waiting for everyone to come out.  The manly men are packing all the suitcases.  Then we are heading to Flagstaff to to to Wal-Mart, eat lunch, and then heading to the Reservation...
Everyone is well (and hopefully rested).
Bill is driving one of the vans, and Jay Noble is driving the other.
Thank you for your prayers as they travel today!

Photos courtesy of: Bill, Lauren, and Lori

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