Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 11

Mother's Day 2011

AS OF 12PM TODAY WE ARE OFFICIALLY MARISSA'S GUARDIANS! Please keep praying for special permission to travel. There is still much to do.  We lack the birth certificate, tons of steps to get permission before I leave next week...


After nearly 40 months of having been given a precious little girl without a legal name or legal known place of care...we have been finally named permanent guardians of Marissa Nicolle...Praise God...for putting certain people in certain positions in just the right time who fight for the abandoned and hurting...;D
God is faithful and lovingly answers the prayers of His own...;D

We are so excited God is Good...I am finding it humorous that it is the number 40.  I am feeling well. Hoping not to get the virus that Marissa Nicolle got the other week so that I am fine before starting the chemo next week. I have been healing well from all the biopsies and surgeries...and trying not to avoid stress through all the packing, meetings, and visiting with others (don't want to create a happy environment for the cancer). Tomorrow we travel to try to get legal stuff translated to get permission to take her state-side for a year or for several months (if possible), get our residency done, and hopefully get Marissa a birth certificate so we can get her a Honduran passport. We can finish the issues to finalize the adoption in later months...Lord willing. It will just be a matter of time. We will work, pray and will trust God...;D Thanks for your continual prayer with us.


...the life of Esther {talks about} how God has a plan for each of us from the beginning...Sometimes what we are facing is hard to understand, but He has a plan beyond our need to understand it. We need to draw near to Him and live it out trusting Him together for it...;D

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Lindsey O. said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! So glad for this!!! :)