Monday, May 30, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 30

Mother's Day 2011
Just letting you know that as you are preparing lunch on Monday, Peter has a meeting with the local Judge, asking to give Marissa Nicolle permission to leave country and we are also praying that the
permission is for a year (like til next June).
(Asking God gives those involved: generous hearts, deep understanding, no delays or interruptions that will effect the process and following processes...)
---We have a couple legal documents to finish after receiving the Honduran government permission.
---Then the application for Marissa Nicolle's passport.
---Then we are to schedule an interview with the USA embassy to ask for Marissa Nicolle's visa.
(Also hoping for a year permission as well.)

Also keep in mind to pray for Peter as he has to finish building the storage place,
finish packing up the house, move out and finally get on a plane
so we can be together through the rest of my treatments.
Thank you for praying with us for Marissa Nicolle's permission, etc. and my treatments towards healing.  Continue in His Loving and Merciful Truth.

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