Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 17

Mother's Day 2011
from Peter:
Marissa Nicolle is officially Marissa Nicolle! She has a birth certificate. Our petition for permission for her to travel will go before the judge on Thursday.

SATURDAY the 14th
from Peter:
The latest: Marissa will be registered, i.e. get birth certificate, on Monday. We will also be traveling
the capitol to renew our residency cards. Our petition to the court for permission to get her a Honduran passport and try for a US visa will be submitted on Tuesday. Maileen returns to the US on

Tuesday. We will have to see how to do the rest without her here.

THURSDAY the 12th
from Maileen:
PRAY w/ us THAT..
-EARLY FRIDAY Marissa will have a birth certificate.
-Marissa's granted permission to travel to USA by the Honduran courts.
-ALL SIGNATURES I need do B/F LEAVING TUESDAY are done (there are a few).
-Our residency be done and given passport for Marissa in a day, MONDAY.
-Packing is done and stress free.

The lawyers went 2x on Friday to get Marissa Nicolle an official birth certificate. Unfortunately the first time the legal document lacked information and needed to be written up differently then they went back just before closing and the computer system closed down... So KEEP PRAYING:
Everything is pushed to Monday (TILL PRAYING FOR HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE to be done in the morning with just the lawyers AS WE TRAVEL really early for a 2 hour trip to Tegucigalpa to renew OUR RESIDENCY and PRAYING to finish so we can return safely and in time to Siguatepeque, by early afternoon, to ask for permission for Marissa Nicolle to travel from the Honduran government which will give us a reason to get her a Honduran passport.) ---Peter will work on the request for a Honduran passport (after my departure for chemo treatment) and he will apply for a request for an appointment for applying for an open USA visa...and praying that they will be able to join me within a couple weeks for the year. Thank you for praying these hours with us....continue in to act Lovingly in His Grace and Truth.

Looks like the permission request will be done on Tues. we are not sure if Peter and Marissa need to be present with the lawyers or not...Just keep praying about it.
Thank you
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