Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Are Making Me New

The girls were in top form yesterday - 
which resulted in me being mother of the year.

Not really.
I wasn't being a great mother - at. all.
In fact, I was very short on 
-and grace...
and my stinkin name IS Grace.

Man oh man.
I texted Bill to see if it was safe to play in the backyard with the girls.
We have two dogs
which means we have lots of dog stuff going on,
and I'm not a huge fan of scooping dog stuff - 
Bill kindly takes care of that chore around here.

He told me to wait a few minutes.

What do you mean wait a few minutes?
I need to get these girls outside and running before I toss them outside!

While I was rambling in my head,
Bill called and told me he'd be home in twenty minutes.
He asked me to have the girls ready to play outside,
and that my friend was coming over in thirty minutes so we could go out for coffee.

What?  I have the best husband ever??
I know!  I really do!
Not knocking your husband (or wife) at all
because I know that they're the best ever - for you.
Bill is the best - for me!
See how that works?

A lot of things have been going on in my head
and my heart - 
so it was nice to get away for even just an hour and a half
and laugh
and talk
and drink coffee
and eat cake.

Thanks for being awesome, babe.
I appreciate you so much.
I really do!

This morning the madness started again,
and I was feeling quite defeated at 8:16am.
Then, I came across this little song
We still have the rest of today.
So thankful that
You are making me new...

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