Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 18

Mother's Day 2011
from Maileen to Peter:
Out of surgery...went well...still tired...and very was marissa nicolle's case? Call you tons...the 'port'pump really sticks out...guess I am a bit


Flight was smooth, this being apart is difficult for all 3 of us.
---surgery for placement of the 'port' near my heart, scheduled from 8-12am
---praying for Marissa Nicolle's permission from the government is for a year. First chemo on Friday.
---God's overwhelming mercy astounds me, I love I can rest in His care.
---Happy I serve a God who loves and hears His children...what security.

---Rejoicing that Marissa Nicolle is under our guardianship after 40 or so months from her birthday.
---Smiling at the fact that Marissa Nicolle has a birth certificate exactly 40 months from when we received her into our care.
---Overwhelmed by gratitude that amazing people in just the right places, skilled in their jobs have been placed by God to work for Marissa Nicolle's case and my own case.
---Relishing that we are surrounded and supported by an encouraging heavenly family of believers, with whom we get to serve the Lord here on this earth.

We are very blessed and excited, to continue in His Love, along with each of you. Peter and I are very moved by so many of you that have joined us in prayer, and continue to pray through this heavy journey with have made it a light load.
Thank you.

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