Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 12

Mother's Day 2011
After 40 months, yesterday at noon we were official named guardians of Marissa Nicolle till she is 21 years old, an adult. We are still working on the adoption part but this means she our lawful responsibility and cannot be taken from us. We can put her in school, she can now have a birth
certificate and citizen number. We are still somewhat needing to get government approval for traveling until the adoption is complete but this should allow the adoption part to go quicker and allow for traveling outside of Honduras when necessary.

Peter got the letter we needed translated and government checked just within minutes of closing time. We were told it takes days to process, and today he was told that it will be ready tomorrow at 10am. So he drives to Tegucigalpa (2hour drive) again to pick it up and will be back in time to hand it over to people that will help see if we can be given permission by the government to leave with Marissa Nicolle.

It is a letter from our mission stating we are overdue for a furlough by 5 years and will need a year of work in the USA.

We will know if we have permission from the government to take her out by Friday and hoping to have enough time to get her a passport and a USA visa before I leave.

Tomorrow morning the government office here in Siguatepeque, will register Marissa Nicolle and
that will give her a citizen number and a birth certificate.  That will then give us papers to get her a Honduran passport and hopefully get that at the same time we renew our residency so it's only one visit to Tegucigalpa...and praying for that permission to leave for up to a year (hoping the office will be open on Saturday too in Tegucigalpa to do this).

With the permission, birth certificate number, and passport we can apply for a USA visa for Marissa (praying for the right connections and signatures to approve the visa and praying for an 'open' visa or the year- 10 year one...worth asking God for it).

I will also have to give a written permission through a lawyer to let Peter travel with Marissa Nicolle alone and that...has to be done with me present for the signature and dates of traveling...(from what I understand).

I know God has placed some key people in key places. We have already seen this just within the month.  We are praying for wisdom and discernment to act with the right lawyers, right authority and right wording on the correct papers to get this done.

We are praying for this Thursday, Friday and if we must Saturday, and Monday to get this all moved. Some of this has to be done the capital, Tegucigalpa (2 hours from our city) - stuff like the permission authorization paper, the passport, the residency and the visa application.
Much can be done here in Siguatepeque (declaring approval of the permission, Marissa Nicolle's birth certificate number created, and my permission for her to travel with Peter through designated dates).
I travel out on Tuesday the 17th from San Pedro Sula (4 hours towards the opposite direction from the capital and 2 hours from our home city).

I will get my port surgery done on the 19th and then starts chemo on the 20th for about 3+ months.

We really appreciate the prayers, blazing up to our Heavenly Father and praise God for how He is answering so mercifully towards our circumstance...
With much unspeakable love...continue in His Faithful Grace and in His Secure Truth.

Appreciating you for the part you have played in our lives and still are continuing to be...in our lives.

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