Monday, May 9, 2011

Maileen's Journey - May 9

from Peter:
Adoption update: (The bad) Met with our lawyer on Friday. Our file was on his desk, not at child services. (The good) A new possibility has arisen to continue the process in the courts of Siguatepeque. We should have a very important meeting Monday late afternoon.


from Maileen:

It's so nice to hold my little girl, and to kiss and be in the arms of my Peter...cherishig the minutes, but a part of me wished I could turn back time and fix some things. But forward we go drawing closer to God and growing as we face what is before us.
from Peter:
Our lawyer says call Child Services and they will tell us our case number. Child services says that there is no record of our case file. It was our understanding that our case file was submitted 2 years ago. Tomorrow we will meet with our lawyer. Please pray for wisdom, tact, and action.

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