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Maileen's Journey - June 3

Mother's Day 2011
Well this 3rd chemo has been working already,...that's quick...the most obvious indication of this treatment has I dried my head over the shower tub, (just in case, so I don't leave a mess) I

saw 3x more hair than I'm accustom to seeing each day that I've done this. Wearing a cap as not to get all this thinning over my pillow...just now as I moved my hair away from my face...10 strands...LOL...shall we dance?

Sometime things happen so we have the opportunities to show kindness and loving grace to others who rarely experience it, so they will be drawn to Him. God has been very generous with His mercy on us in several areas and on several levels in those various areas. A mentor reminded me that
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9. I know Peter, Marissa Nicolle and I will see more of the administration they had to face today and many others. We do not know what is going on in their lives but God does and knows there are some of us that will be in contact with certain individuals...He makes no accidents. I pray that we will let Him shine and be glorified for loving a another closer towards Him.
It was a tiring day for Peter and Marissa Nicolle and even myself on other levels. But God loves us and His will is an honor to wait on and live in...
Yesterday I sent out a prayer request for Peter and Marissa's trip to the capital of Honduras the get Marissa Nicolle's passport. Peter had to get other documents along the way and he had them in hand. But I feel for Peter and Marissa who started their day at 6:30am and just a couple hours ago he called and told me that the office said, "NO" to giving her a passport today.I am frustrated with the head lady and the executive boss where we do residency cards and passport stuff for Honduras. (In our humanity, we at times need to demonstrate our authority due sometimes to hide some kind of weakness, like a lack of knowledge or lack of gain control of a new circumstance. ......and blessed are we, for some reason, this type of demonstration is usually shown upon us with this same group of administration. ....(It took us three return trips to get our residency cards with them...we are praying Peter's trip tomorrow is safe, blessed with mercy with all he must interact with, and full of grace and kindness as the passport is granted and not need another return trip due to some lack of something again.) They did NOT give Marissa Nicolle her passport b/c the Judges' document lacked the word ' "must" be given the passport'. Out of kindness for a frustrated toddler, they took our 3yr olds' picture, who didn't want to have it done. Keep in mind she and her father have been in line [mostly standing] in 90 degree weather and very little air movement, since 8 am with a tired crowd and it was already 5pm when they got the answer 'NO'. I am praising God they had a lunch break to refresh their energy and minds, before returning for the 'NO'. Anyway they took the picture so Peter is hoping to have Marissa Nicolle stay with friends and children her age.Peter will drive the 2.5-3hours alone to the capitol again to ask for the passport with a new document that will be done early tomorrow morning by the judge. We hope he will also have time to run a few errands to get ready for the USA Embassy interview, that will be set up, to ask for the VISA for Marissa Nicolle.As for me I had my 3rd Chemo, my white blood cells were extremely low and I will get 3 booster shots within the next for days. This means that the chemo is working, but also means I am susceptible to infections. Due to my loss of appetite I am down 7-9 pounds from what is considered a healthy weight for my size. I am praising God I have energy to exercise and am not feeling much side effects these last 2 weeks. We thank you for reading and praying...We rejoice with you of how great a merciful God we serve and how fervent your prayers have been. We live and strive to live for a True and Living God that hears his children...If my letters seem long just put it aside and pray that God will meet the concerns mentioned, He knows them...He is just happy you took to time to talk to Him. Keep growing in His Love and if you should want me to be on my knees for you daily, please let me know so I can add it to my time with Him.Until...the next update...

Just to let you know as I write, Peter is traveling to the capital. He will try to get one of the three copies we need of Marissa Nicolle's birth certificate in a small city prior to Tegucigalpa (we will need 3 copies: one for the passport, one for the visa and one with Peter through out her travel).
They will stay the night so that they can meet with a friend to try to get Marissa's passport tomorrow morning at about 7:30-8:00am.
If they are able to get her passport out in time: 
---he will see if he can get the additional 2 copies of her birth certificate
--- find out at the Embassy requirements for the visa meeting and see if we can rush the meeting forward than to wait 2 weeks for one to be set up.
---He is also trying to contact the former lawyer to get all of Marissa's file back for the adoption and maybe a $500 or so return on the money we gave him. As the lawyer said he would like to do, since he was not able to accomplish much.
---God's protection as they both travel back...Peter is tired and knows he has lots to do. So also prayer of God's grace on him...thank you.

I believe my diet change and exercise has helped me so far through my treatments. I will be getting my 3rd chemodrip tomorrow afternoon while Peter and Marissa run errands. So far my hair is still intact (I was told hair falls out on the 14th-21st day. June 2nd is the 14th day and next Thursday will be the 21st)...Such a vain thing to have to confront...I guess you can't fully prepare for the loss and the idea that when I will look at myself I will look like something is off with my health....hahahaha.
Anyway I have a wierd rash around my neck and arms. I guess a reaction from well, something in my blood. I use glycerin all natural soap and natural shampoo. But other than looking off...I am praising God that my heart is doing well, I have energy, am able to eat, even with a lack of appetite, my surgery scars are healing well, and am honored that our God is merciful and gracious to we, who are His.
Thank you again for praying with us and for really holding Peter and Marissa in your discussions with God.
Love you.
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