Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Day Ever

It's been starting to feel like spring!  Well, we'll randomly have a snowstorm - but then it'll be 70 degrees the next day so that counts sorta kinda as the commencement of spring, right?  Last week we had a particularly gorgeous day.  The girls and I were super excited.  That evening I started this
letter, but then I got distracted - imagine that.


Espy, Gianna, and Isabella -

You girls had a fantastic afternoon playing together: 
snacks in your playhouse while dodging Sadie and Rocky
bubbles on the patio
experiments with ginger ale
jump roping
chalk drawing

You went on adventure, but just in the backyard.  You had your bike helmets on; and you were running around with nets, insect cages, a pad of paper and a pencil.

We had a picnic dinner in the front yard with leftover potato soup and carrots.

"We love leftover potato soup!" says the girls who are not fans of leftovers (like their daddy).

A stray dog (not really - it was just the neighbor's) made its way into our yard and into our house (Gianna!), but its owners came and got him a few minutes later.
I was so worried about him, Mom! -Espy

It was declared the best day ever.
(Although this declaration is made often, it still makes this momma happy.)

I'm happy you had a great day.  I love seeing you girls enjoying time with each other.  Let's have another "best day ever" soon.

I love you forever,

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