Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maileen's Journey - February 28

January 2012
Please keep praying for my cousin, Maileen!

February 28

CT scans on the 2nd...glad to be home to build a routine and my doctor said she found it amazing that my liver has been clearing up so well...It's a God thing...and a good diet that God blessed long agofor us to take advantage of...;D Missing Honduras already.


February 22

Tomorrow we leave Honduras for a few months. It has been 3 full weeks. Thank you my friends for all your expressions of love. We love you a lot, and you will be missed.  We wanted to say goodbye to all of you, but we didn't have the time.  We'll always love you.  See you soon.
(translated from Spanish)


February 20

Lots of details today...we are praying to get our residency papers done today...and other errands before we have to fly out on Wednesday....We are loving being back...Honduras is so much a part of's home.


February 2nd

Headed to Honduras today for a 3 week visit. We will meet with many friends, investigate oncologists for the possibility of future treatment.  Please pray.  Thank you.

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