Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maileen's Journey - March 19

January 2010
This month last year I had surgery to remove an aggressive cancer that we discovered had already expanded to my liver categorizing me as a Stage IV cancer patient.  On the 15th nearly to the day of my first surgery, my doctor told me that my liver has one little spot left at 6mm - and that with the
new lifestyle changes and all, I would have no need to take the heavy chemo drugs any longer.  AMEN...GOD is so Good...Thanks for so many of your prayers.  I hope to be clear on my next CT in June/July.  God knows best.  Please continue to pray and thanks for praying with us.

In response to everyone's excitement:
...I was praying so hard that I wouldn't need more of that hard chemo drug...and God was so gracious to understand and merciful to say that I would be alright without it...Now just to wait it out and get clear of cancer...All smiles here...I couldn't stop kissing Peter and praising my God where He has been taking us through all this...
Thanks so much for your prayers...God is more amazing than I can express...His methods are beyond our understanding but what makes Him so easy to turn to and lean upon is His faithfulness to care for us...through it all. It's too bad that our sinful nature is what keeps us from turning to Him fully...but when we do...His blessings are so much sweeter to recieve and share with one another.
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