Monday, March 26, 2012

To My Girls

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Dear Espy and Gianna,

Please don't be offended that we went away without you!  I know it's hard to understand why in the world your mom and dad would want to go have fun without you, but soon enough you'll understand - and then you'll be grossed out at the thought of your parents kissing and stuff.

One day a long time ago, it was just mommy and daddy.  It was during that time we got to know
each other very well.  There were happy times and sad times, and lots of stories and memories to go with them.  It was then that daddy knew that he wanted me to be his wife, and I agreed that I wanted him to be my husband.  That was more than ten years ago!  Crazy, huh?

Since then, the two of you and your little sisters joined our family - and we wouldn't change that for anything!  Daddy and I couldn't imagine our lives without you.  I know sometimes we get tired or grumpy, but it's not because we love you any less.  Being a mom and dad is hard, and you'll learn that if you have a family one day.

Daddy and I went to the beach for a few days to celebrate ten years of being married - that's a long time!  We wanted to spend time going on dates and talking about grownup things.  We wanted to talk about you girls and how much we love you!  We even went shopping for you.

This weekend was a Mommy Daddy Date Weekend - kind of like the Daddy Daughter Dates you go on sometimes.  Even though you felt left behind, you really weren't.  Just like the times mommy and daddy need to go on dates, we went away for our anniversary to remember how much we love each other - and how much we love you!

I love you forever,

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