Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Season of Busy

The Husband and I use Google calendar to keep each other posted on what's going on with all of our schedules.  I don't give ToDo Lists preferential treatment, either.  In addition to our online calendar, I have a wall calendar and a notebook calendar to keep everything straight with our family's ins and outs.  OCD?  Slightly.

When I got home from Isabella's gymnastics class, this was my inbox:
In my husband's words,
Things are about to get busy.

It's true.  There's something about spring that sends us into high gear.  All right - it's probably not the season's fault, but it is that time of year when we're constantly going.  Even with the busyness, I am looking forward to this time with the girls.  They LOVE going outside (on most days), and Evangeline is old enough to hang with her sisters now.  I just tend to get selfish with time with The Husband so here's to not losing it (too often) as things get slightly more crazy than normal around here - whatever that might mean!

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