Friday, April 8, 2011

Is It Thursday Yet?

Gianna at the Circus
I don't know how it happened, but Thursday became THE IT day of Espy and Gianna's spring break.

Isabella will wake up at any moment - which means I have to pick Evangeline up off her butterfly play
mat before Isa shows her some hardcore sisterly love -
and then, we'll have breakfast -
which will lead to doing the breakfast dishes, getting the girls dressed, putting Evangeline down for her morning nap, doing the laundry dance (load out of dryer, load in dryer, load in washer, basket on couch until I can fold it), and then I'll start refereeing the girls while I make lunch
and start some dinner prep....


What was I talking about?

Oh!  Because all of the above will happen very soon, here's my post in list form (I love lists!):


1. my mom
AKA the BEST lola
for watching our sweet Evangeline while we went and had fun.

2. Priscilla
for having Miss Gianna.
She had a great time playing with Victoria and enjoyed having broccoli and carrots for lunch.
Yes, my children morph into obedient angels who will eat whatever you place before them when they're in other people's homes.

3. Jennifer
for having me, Espy, and Isabella.
I loved having coffee and sharing mom/wife stories with you - don't move!!  Espy wants to have another playdate with Kayla soon, and Isabella would like to mess your house up with Maya again.  I'm sorry we had to rush off before cleaning up!  You can come over and
make a mess at my house next time.

4. My SIL Jennifer
for the heads up on the cake decorating class for Espy.
Jennifer is the queen of knowing all things fun for our kids to do.  Espy had a blast and brought home a yummy and awesomely decorated (in my not proud at all momma opinion) cake
for us to have for desssert.

5. Cindy
for coming to see us for a quick pre-gym visit.
I've known Cindy for what seems like forever and a day.  She used to be my stay-at home friend, but now that she's all mature and has a grownup job - her visits are always a treat, and I enjoy watching my girls try to share their germs with her.  Come over again soon, Siddy!

6. Bill
AKA the best husband/daddy evaaaaaaaa
for taking Espy & Gianna to the circus last night.
They were super silly exhausted when they got home, but they had so. much. fun.
Let's face it - they always have way more fun with their daddy, 
but that's ok - I'm pretty good at the
do all these things so you can become a functioning, loving adult
Does that sentence even make sense?
It's all right - you know what I'm saying.

I think that wraps up our fun-filled Thursday.
Now off to get Evangeline - she's crying because her mom's too busy blogging to pick her up.
What a slacker.

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Cindy said...

Always fun to see you! I wish I could be your stay at home friend again...only, with pay! ;-)