Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

My Gianna and my Bill are twins -
and I love it.

I need coffee -
right. now.
(update: just got some - thanks to a gift card from a sweet friend! -
never underestimate the power of blessing someone...even in the little things

Laughing with friends after pizza and chocolate peanut butter pie
always makes for a good night.

I'm one of those moms.
I'm sorry if you're standing next to me during one of Gianna's soccer games.

Can't beat getting to know your family over hot dogs in the park by a playground.
Are you intentionally living in community?

The three big girls are running around the living room playing tag.
Isabella is clueless that she's It.

Back to cleaning, laundry, dinner prep, and pie making -
oh, and hanging out with three of my favorites until the other two faves get home.

Bunco tonight!

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