Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maileen's Journey - April 7

October 2009
I briefly talked to Maileen tonight - her voice is just as joyful as it's been since I've known her

(since I was born!), and she schooled me on everything that this cancer thing entails.

They did NOT end up going to Atlanta because they wanted to wait and get the first round of test results back.  She had even more tests done today,
and we're hoping to know something by tomorrow or Monday.

Right now, waiting is the hardest part.

Maileen amazes me with her strength -
thank you for continuing to pray for her and our family:

My version of something that's always inspired me.
To walk with God no strength is lost...know and rest in God's Strength.
To talk with God no breath is lost...know God's voice and strive to relate with God.
To wait with God no time is lost...know God Is and Was and Will always be 'I AM'.
Walk on --- Talk on --- Wait on --- BE still and know God ...with Him there's no loss.
We have much to gain.
Don't miss out on knowing God.
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