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Maileen's Journey - April 27th

April 2006
APRIL 28 - 1pm
Got my Jackson-bulb out even if I was still draining over 25cc. Now I have a hole on my side. Sitting for the next 90 minutes receiving my first dose of Herceptin to slow down the cancer in my liver while I travel and heal. Chemo in 2 weeks.


Here is a summary and two prayer requests...(I apologize for the length)

To summarize, I had healed well from my right-side biopsy of the 1.5cm breast tumor taken out on the 16th of March 2011 in Honduras, Central America. I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma an agressive breast cancer. Usually occuring in women 55 and older. It is now occuring in more younger women.
We praise God that my left-side MRI-biopsy on the 7th of April 2011
came out clean and without cancer.
Some women have the BRAC1 or BRAC2 gene for breast, my blood test came back negative. With those two results and the notification that I am Estrogen Receptor Negative and Progesterone Receptor Negative. I will not be needing to have any of my reproductive organs removed. Mainly because it would not do anything to limit the breast cancer I have from moving on. My HER2neu was positive so there is a drug called Herceptin that I will have to receive
every 3 weeks through chemo and after chemo.
My re-entry surgery and sentinal-node surgery on 13th of April 2011 went well and I am recovering well. The extra tissue removed from the first surgery site came out clean and cancer free. This means that the margins were clean from the first surgery but that is was just a bit thin a margin from the first surgery. God is good and merciful and we are blessed to have skilled God-fearing surgeons working with me and a well equiped in skill medical staff.
I am saddened to say that the 5 lymph-nodes taken out were all found containing cancer cells. And the CT and PET scan showed that I had a 1.7cm x1.6cm legion on my liver along with surrounding tiny spots. I had a biopsy to take out 4 samples to be examined yesterday. Please pray that it is not cancerous. The treatment will be a harder drug if my cancer is a Stage IV.

To say the least I am very sobered by all of this...Praying most of you will become knowledgeable to how to discipline yourselves to make some life style changes that will keep you
from hard illneses and lower your stress levels.
I am praying that we can make the best decision to fight this cancer that I have. And praising God that He has given me the chance to grow through such a fire, even though I am saddened I must be in that fire. I also know that many of you are praying with us/me through this fire and will meet me at the end praising God for our growth through it.
As I heal I will travel to Honduras before starting chemotherapy to work and pray through completing the papers for Marissa Nicolle's adoption so Peter and her can join me through this process. I was told that I will survive better if they were not something to go through alone. I do have my parents, my brother and very close family and friends to surround me if God should choose to allow us to continue apart.
But I know that we just need to ask and from what I understand 'persistence' sometimes cannot be ignored especially if it's a situation and outcome that glorifies His love for us. There is nothing impossible for God, a minute, a moment is all under His hand of guidance. And He loves the opportunity to lavish His children with things that builds relationships,
relationships towards Him and among each other.
These next few weeks God can do wonders to get this adoption done by lining up all the right people and meetings and get my body through any regiment of chemotherapy with flying colors.
Please pray with us...and thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, and I am thankful for those that have already gone through this and have taken
the time to share God's hand on their journey.
Blessings, unspeakable blessings to me/us.

I will try to write shorter, to inform you how things are so you will know how to pray with us. I truely cherish your interceding for us. I know I grow weary when praying for others but we do fight in a world that is sinful and we can get caught up in just existing. I know that this journey is long and a tiring one to keep up with...I want to to know I really appreciate prayer warriors and have always strived to be one myself. So, if you will right me a personal email I will pray for you, and whatever is on your heart for me to pray for you about, when I go before God. And believe me I carry an on going dialogue that is much longer than usual with our Lord...hahahahaha...its actually calming to intercede for others outside of my own issues. It’s wonderful to serve a God who Lives and Loves us so...;D
A fellow soldier on her knees asking God not to be a Stage IV and seeking to complete Marissa’s adoption so she and Peter can join her.

PS...a site for more info on becoming anti-cancer:
or knowing more about breast cancer...

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