Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maileen's Journey - April 6

September 2009
Thank you so much for praying for Maileen and our family.

Maileen saw an excellent doctor and his team on Monday and had lots of tests and blood work done. 
We are waiting for those results.  She and her parents are traveling to Atlanta (about a three hour drive) today to see another specialist.  Please pray as they sort through all this information and develop a treatment plan.

Please pray for Peter and Marissa in Honduras:
-that they can get the papers they need to come to the States.
-for Peter as he balances taking care of Marissa and new responsibilities with his job and the church.
-for Marissa who misses her mom.

Please pray for Maileen's parents, Sol and Lucy - and her brother, Joel:
-for patience
-for strength
-for discernment

Please pray for our family:
-our cousins are more like siblings, we just want to be together
-it's been hard emotionally, and we're having a hard time processing

Please pray for the doctors handling Maileen's case.

Especially pray for Maileen:
-traveling, appointments, tests are tiring
-all of the information to sort though and decisions to make are overwhelming
-sometimes she's in a lot of pain
-she misses Peter and Marissa so much
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