Friday, April 8, 2011

Maileen's Journey - April 8

February 2010
-My MRI-biopsy yesterday came out cancer on the left side.
-Someone is looking at buying our van so it is not sitting...pray it gets sold.

It is confirmed that I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and that
I am Estrogen Receptor negative.
These results mean I will need to enter chemotherapy.

This coming week they do a biopsy that checks if my lymph-nodes are clear of cancer or not...(please pray that they are clear - thanks).

There will also be exams made for my ovaries to see why they have been bothering me,
and if they need to be surgically taken care of.

We will then decide where I will get chemotherapy...
either here in Augusta with Univ.Hospital's team of doctors and be with my parents

or in Atlanta at Northwest Georgia Oncology Center: Marrietta
with Dr. Hahm and her staff and live with my brother...

pray for wisdom.

Pray for Marissa's guardianship and adoption papers:
Peter made contact with two from the US embassy that will be talking to someone who looks at cases like ours. We are praying these contacts will help with getting us guardianship so Marissa can receive extended visas to travel, and we can be together through this journey.

If I need to travel to finish papers for this adoption...pray that the needed appointments and signatures I will need to sign (if needed) can be done all before I enter chemotherapy,
and that the cancer is at a standstill during those days not to enter the lymph-nodes
while I travel to these transactions and meetings.

God can time anything to His glory...

'No leaf falls without God's knowledge, No wave crashes on the shore without His calculation'...
God hears our whispers and praises are All His as he answers those who are faithfully seeking Him and trusting in His merciful grace.
Thanks again for praying with us through this journey...
I appreciate you being on prayer watch...He honors and loves the faithful who come together and trust Him to work for our good...
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patty goolsby said...

Maileen...we had no idea you have been going through all of this. Know that you have been on our heart this week and we are following this blog and praying for you. Lee and Patty Goolsby