Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 14

Update June 14 (Tuesday)

US Embassy appointment scheduled for Monday, June 20th at 7:30am.

Getting a non-immagrant-visa for Marissa Nicolle is not as easy as we are hoping.

I just talked to someone in the senators office, JT.
JT has been making some calls for us to the US embassy-Honduras to make sure about all the papers and letters we will need for the Monday appointment.

Jared told me just this morning that the US Embassy-Honduras are extreamly hesitant to give any 'non-immigrant visas' to any INcomplete adoptions because there have been many cases where the
family does not return because the process is so hard.
He said we will need to really build our case to show that we are serious about finishing the adoption and intend to return.

Jared will be talking again to the AVofficer to find out exactly what I have to have wrtten, notorized and sent by today or tomorrow morning through UPS for the Monday meeting. The documents need to be picked up in Tegucigalpa before or by Saturday so Peter can have it by Sunday.

Marissa Nicolle will have her medical check this week, to make sure all her papers, in that area are up to date for the meeting as well.

Peter is making calls and trying to make sure he has papers/letters on our property, ministries and such to show our desire and need to be in Honduras and our intent to complete the adoption.

Pray for an understanding ear and a kind heart to grant the year visa.
Pray for safe travels for Peter and Marissa Nicolle and that they have every document for the appointment.
We serve a Loving God and knows the hearts of man and He knows what is best as He wills.

Thank you for praying, we will wait on our knees and trust God, with what He wills.

Other prayer requests still on the plate:
--Still needing to sell the Cargo Van with the transmission issue.
--Replace lost car licence plate from last week
--Finishing the storage house construction
--Packing still, then the moving out.
--World Reach mission team comes down before Peter and Marissa's planned departure (praying to set in early July).
--I have completed my first Abaxane chemo-cycle of three, I start the 2nd cycle of three this Thursday and hopefully by the end of my 3rd cycle of three my liver will be clean of cancer. I have aches allover, but usually have enough energy to exercise. I have lost 80% of hair on my head and am dealing with it. I have chemo-menopause already, which I hope is not permanent. Every so often I have unusual chest pain...I am praying for protection over my heart that it not be effective my the Herceptin I am receiving every 3 weeks. I am deeply grateful that God has shown great mercy on me through this so far and will continue to do so. And I am deeply thankful for His mercy with our situation in general...;D

We really appreciate each of you praying with us through this journey.
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