Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 8

Still praying that we can get that USA Embassy interview, to get an approved VISA for Marissa Nicolle, so my Baby and baby girl can be here. Praying that Peter can get things ready for departing (too many to list)...but praying God's generous mercy, unfailing strength and clarity & wisdom of mind will help him complete all these tasks so we can rest and heal as a family and serve Him better.
I must say it's like being a kid again, being here in my parent's home.

When they are happy, dad works quietly on cleaning what he's harvested that day from his luscious garden, mom whistles her favorite tunes from the when she was a teen, throws in some singing and
then whistles again as I hear her wash the dishes or veggies.

They discuss the plants and plans of what to plant next or what's almost ready to harvest or what they can do with so much harvest and who would love to have some of that veggie. Every other whisper of conversation between them comes with laughter or repetition cause they forgot what they were talking about and laughter again...hahahaha...sometimes there is a disagreement about something in the short discussion but I didn't hear it this was mainly about the harvest and what else they could harvest or plant...hahahaha. To add to the amusement, their conversation is a flip flop of the two languages they speak between them...hahahaha. I am blessed to have such cute parents that love to laugh. You can't have enough laughter in one's day.

Right now my mom just changed her whistle to a children's' hymn 'I want to be a sunshine' of two stanzas to 'It's a small world after all'... she must be thinking of Marissa Nicolle cause she has been discussing a trip to Disney when Marissa Nicolle gets here and when I am up for the trip...

Aww...there is nothing like being allowed to be a kid again, even if it is just for a moment. So cute that her whistle tunes have really not changed since I was six years old, I can still remember hearing them back in Canton, Michigan playing near the kitchen.

I believe she has a recall of favorites of maybe 8 songs...You know, I should ask her why she loves those songs and record her whistling.  

I didn't really know any lullabies when we got Marissa Nicolle so I made up some and I have only 4 songs I sing to Marissa Nicolle and I would say I have about 8 songs I love to sing that are my favorites...huh...what do you sing when you're happy, content or even sad?...

Memories...we hold and can repeat to comfort us...God's so sweet to us, to give us such tender things to enjoy...;D
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