Monday, June 6, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 6

June 2011
Praying that Peter can talk to someone in the US Embassy to answer some key questions and be able to set up a VISA interview this week to get Marissa Nicolle a Visa. (He also has errands he needs to do

for getting ready for leaving.) Thanks.


Well, I will honestly have to say...showering after my run was humorously more challenging than I had anticipated. Good thing I'm the only one using that bath still. I can see why it's suggested to shave the hair off...I am just not ready to do it and a party of one isn't as motivating...and with my white cells is best not to have people over till my cells are up again...but if I were to shave...I'm kinda wishing Peter was here, his always turns out so know I am willing to you think my hair is up to waiting with me till they arrive? to clean up the mess without drowning in my own tears of laughter and sadness from having to deal with this loss (poor little strands of hair...may they rest well)...should get easier tomorrow since I will know what to expect after my run...;D

...It's still sad to go 'GI-good-looking' when you're not sure how to handle that electric razor and I dare not try it with a blade with low white blood cells...I have decided I will wait for the 'clumps'...I figure there is no's kinda already here...

After visiting with some great friends Dad, Mom and I went for my run/and walk in our subdivision...did you know you can get alot more hair to stick to your fingers with sweat on it...all my dad could say was, 'oooh,...ooh-boy.'..hahaha
...I guess it's kinda like heading towards a boyish-kinda-look...Praising God it isn't a painful side-effect just a sad/yet humorous one...isn't He merciful...;D

4:53 pm

For those of you that don't know, I love to sew...and have decided to sew myself some sleeping caps today...maybe I can invent some decorative ones, if I have the energy...;D

3:33 pm

I can honestly say that with all that Peter, Marissa and I are learning and growing through...Our God has lavished great mercy on us and are surrounded by such a beautifully heavenly family for support. What a privilege to serve with such support and such a Loving God.

A hair cut using just my was like magic
What a mess this cap fell off so hair was all over the pillow. I cleaned that up and went to the bathroom, to see if what others had said would happen, was now an experience I too will have had as they did. And should I be surprised....hahahaha...

I ran my fingers gently through my hair about a dozen times (over the sink of course) and each time a handful of hair.
Nice (I think my eye got wider each time I saw the hairs just resting so peacefully through my fingers.)
I honestly can't say I was shocked...I was shocked with what I lost on the 2nd of June (evening of chemo-day #14). Which was just 3x a normal day's hair fallout and now seems like a wimpy-loss. But that shocking revelation was a reality mark.

As I ran my hand, each time still ever so gently, one would think I gave myself a haircut with just my fingers, just like magic...hahahaha...I guess I should expect to be bald by next Thursday (that would be day 21...we will see...this is just a thinning process...hahahaha...I still await the clump drop...)

It's not so bad, know my husband is simply adorable when he has a couple millimeters of hair around his beautifully round head. He has a great shape without hair. It will be a cute picture with Marissa Nicolle in the middle between her bald parents...;D

Side thought: I wonder if I have weird marks under all this hair and what kind of a shape it will be. I bet the skin underneath will be will have to get some sun so it matches the rest of my face color...don't you think...(well at least before the picture of the princess with her bald parents)...and that will help with getting some Vitamin D, the sun can't miss it. Maybe the vitamin D will thin out this stubborn thick skull of mine....hahaha

(If you have my husband's sense of could have a hay-day with what I am writing...hahahaha. Laughter helps the healing go on, it's okay to laugh with us...)

I am just imagining the possibilities, I had never really thought of exploring cause the opportunity never presented itself. I am glad to say not everyone has such opportunities like this one...and honestly, I hope it stays at a minimum. Well at least with the road this one takes to get such an opportunity.

I have always thought that the options for being without hair could be endless. It would be like having a whole new wardrobe with a different kind of closet.

Now for new lessons:
To learn the art of scarves, hats, caps and wig wearing...So, this is what it is like to be a spy...the art of what gadgets would I need?...and what 'mission-impossible' assignments will I get?....

It's just a beautiful Saturday afternoon...the possibilities are endless...going off to sew...

Peter Has Passport In Hand
Peter called at his time 4:50pm...He got the passport within 30 minutes before closing. Praise God...another step out of the way. praying for safe travels now for Him to Siguatepeque. Couldn't get answers from the US Embassy about what is needed for the our case for getting a VISA ffor Marissa Nicolle. He will need to try Monday and pray we will know what to do and be able to set up an appt. soon rather than 2 or more weeks later.
Thanks for praying...;D
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