Friday, June 3, 2011

You Little Minis

May 2011
I will forget, so today I want to remember these little things
so that maybe when you girls are all grown up you'll see
how happy you made me
how much you made me cry
how much you made me laugh
and how much you made me want to pull my hair out.

Last night you were super upset because you didn't get to go to Rita's for Family Night.  You just finished going to swimming lessons and Gianna's soccer practice.  You don't quite understand the
theory behind time management or flexibility - hopefully we're teaching you little by little.  I just wanted to knock some sense into you, but I didn't.
I was proud of you for coming down from your bunk bed, sitting down at dinner, and actually cheering up as we ate your favorite grilled wings.
Make those when you're older - you'll love them still for sure!
After dinner you were being supersweet and wanted me to sit by you while you did your homework.  (One of your favorite things right now is to have me or your daddy sit with you while you write or draw or create an espy masterpiece.)
We made a compromise - you did your work at the kitchen table while I washed the dishes.
PS  I wish I could draw like you.

You are definitely your daddy's little twin which makes you hilarious at times, but can also get you into big trouble.  You are best friends with your dad one minute, and then you're total nemeses the next. The minute your father steps into the door -  you run to him, grab his legs, and say,
"Daddy, can you please play with me, pleeeeeeease?"
Lately you feel the need to wear dresses every day of your life until I remind you that you're going to be playing outside or practicing soccer, and you don't want to show people your panties.
You're still fascinated with Matt -
the first boy ever to take you out on a date
(he was sweet enough to take you AND your sister out, one on one at that!) -
and I love it.
I also love to hear you sing and sing and sing while we're driving in the van.

I have never met a child like you.  Never.  Ever.
From the moment you wake up until you rest your little head on your little pillow,
you go and go
and go.
You're not afraid of anything which amazes and scares me at the same time.  I'm kind of afraid of taking you on vacation at the beach.
You love all of your sisters.
You miss Espy and Gianna when they're at school, and you torture Evangeline with your affection.
You love to wear your pink cowboy boots all. the time.
You've never met a stranger,
and I think you'd move in with anyone who'd give you a piece of candy or a donut.
I also think you'd live outside if we let you.

I just want to sit with you
and hold you
and kiss you
and cuddle with you
all. day. long.
It makes me very sad that you're six months old and growing (kind of) out of your itty bitty clothes.  You're the smallest of the bunch, but I think you get the most love out of them all
(of course, none of them had three sisters when they were a baby)!
Please stop growing up so fast.
I love when you smile and belly laugh.
I love it even more when you smile for you daddy and your sisters.
I could probably live off munching on your cheeks for at least a week and a half.

I love you girls...stay best friends forever and ever!


Kristie said...

I LOVED reading this grace! Not only an important things for moms to stop and reflect on, but very important for step-moms to stop and reflect on the children in their home! With a mixture of both growing up in this house, it's going to be important for me to show each one just how special they are. Thanks for the reminder!

Lindsey @ Harpersville Home said...

aww Grace! It just makes me tear up! Isn't it crazy that even though they are each so different in their own little unique ways, they are each so perfect! Thanks for the prompt to reflect on my little girl and give thanks for the opportunity to be a Mama.See ya tomorrow!

Naimah said...

oh Grace...sometimes I look at my little ones and I think I'm going to explode from all the overwhelming emotions and love that I feel when I look at them and realize how very blessed I am that they chose me. I read ur words and it mirrors how I feel about Kamau, Anaya and Afryea. I LOVE reading ur blogs because of that very reason.