Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 15

November 2010
Praying to get that Adoption file and all the lawyer said would give back before Peter's meeting on Monday.
Pray for the lawyer to understand the urgency so we can get Marissa's file.

We have been advised by the states' senate office helping us talk to the US embassy-Honduras and a friend who did the same from the Honduran side, that it would help to show that we are planning to
return to complete the adoption according to the Honduran laws.
They must see that we are returning and not running with her to be only state side.  
They have had many that felt that adoption is too hard to complete say they are just leaving for a time and never return to finish the adoption process.
And as most of you know adoption, personally, has not been easy.  Any adoption is a heavy process on many areas for a family.
Anyway the key is prove we are determined to finish the adoption process and show other good reasons that we need to and want to return to be granted the visa for Marissa Nicolle.

We want to honor what God has placed in Daniel did and Joseph...and by doing so we Honor God.
Thanks for praying for us...He is actively responding to what His children have been sharing with Him on our journey.

Praying for EXTRA mercy and kindness for my husband today...the licence plate loss is turned into a ridiculous ordeal. Local police charged for selfish gain and didn't file the report correctly and now he's second trip to another city to pick up a new plate is just now redoing everything...and he (with Marissa) has more things he has to complete beyond this. Lord Jesus pour your love on him...

We really appreciate the interceding for us...Here are some events that took place today and answers to prayer we just noticed while Peter and I were reviewing our case to defend it and how tired we were from all the events...;D

Oh he has to return again to the other city to get a car plate...they wanted a different document that they always need but never put on the web site...(they felt that was somebody elses job----huh...there is a lesson in that lack of taking initiative...don't you think?...hahahaha).

Today I went a head and got what affidavit-letters Peter and I created, printed out, had them notarized, trusting God that they included all the key and appropriately legal words needed to allow the meeting to proceed and be given a visa without me, and one to allow him to travel for the year with Marissa without me.

I had them sent out through UPS today just in time for the guy to drive it to the airplane going out tonight. It is in Saint Louis as we speak and going out again...praying it will be there before Thursday at the UPS office in Tegucigalpa.

I included a signed letter from my oncologist, my photo copies of my passport and Peter has colored copies of my residency card and he has receipts of us building part of our house (our offices that we will use as a bodega for now so the people we are renting from can rent it out to someone else that can pay them more.)

He is getting letters from Alcane Mundial that explains that he is the FIELD Director and will continue to be so for some time and so needs to return.

He also getting a letter that shares that he is one of 3 major speaker/conference speaker for Central American Youth Conferences, called AJIECA.

And a letter from Betel explaining that he is continuing to be one of the elders on the pastoral body.

We are not mentioning that we are trying to pack up everything and then look for an apt upon our return. We are trying to save on renting a place so we can put it towards air flights.

I am on my knees praying...I just am so tired of this being the topic of our life...I wish Marissa's adoption and all the red tape of it was done or at least felt lighter then it has been on me today.
I was really quite sad to hear that we will need to have our case well laid out and very convincing. (I didn't expect us to be on trial.)

It is a blessing that someone suggested that I call the senator, got in contact with JT to let me know we better have an 'iron-clad' case...and that God blessed us with the appt. being scheduled on Monday June 20th at 7am...God is merciful and talking to prayers are being responded to.

Oh and this evening Peter told me that the Govt lawyer that has been helping us with all her papers so far, called our lawyer friend that works with her and said she heard someone talking about a couple trying to get a Non-imigrant Visa and thought of us. We just told her I had left for medial issues to be confirmed...and such.

Our lawyer friend felt compeled to tell her superior that I did go home for a medical check up but it's confirmed to be for cancer treatments...and best for me to complete them before returning. We feel God helped her discern well and timed the reveal of the information in His will...God does schedule things well if we trust Him.

Her superior was deeply moved and told her that she, our lawyer and the one who types everything will work before Thursday so Peter will have all the documents he needs to prove that the government is more than 100% behind us with Marissa Nicolle's custody-guardianship and support the year or longer to finish treatments.

She also knows we will be back to return to complete the adoption, unlike others. In the future she will be the one to help us with completing Marissa's adoption and wants to get us another child if a case should open upon our return that will be easier than this one. Lord willing we will see.

We are tired but God knows what we can handle and I hope we learn what we need to and that every area of this Honors Him...

Keep trusting Him and drawing closer to Him...He loves each of you...;D
I have to admit sometimes it is hard to see but God is really Good to wait for us to return to rest in Him again in joy...;D

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