Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 30

Mother's Day 2011
Praying Praying Praying
that the iron doors and windows get put on the storage building today since they promised to have it done by the 26th.
Praying Praying Praying
that the container that we have asked and asked to have moved up for work equipment gets done as
they promised they would today.
Praying Praying Praying
that Peter is healthy, rested, and clear-headed to organize the details and get them done well, oh and kindness to handle all the work that is now piling up from promises people are not keeping. It also

delays our moving out if things above don't get done today...There are several physical and time consuming projects with the moving...(I will not mention those all.)  Please just pray for Peter and the two requests  above.  Thank you.
Peter would like to be with the World Reach work team from NC tomorrow for a few hours.
Praying I have high white blood cells and energy to drive and welcome them home so I don't get sick...and that the reactions I am having to Herceptin will go away and not become serious.  I have a growing rash that has move from my neck now to my arms over a month and a half....and over the last 2 weeks I have gained a growing cough.
Praying the doctor(s) will have good judgement to know what to do.
Thanks for praying with us as we prepare to reunite on this journey.

In just a week I see my Baby and baby princess. They come on my only week off of chemo...that will be nice to recuperate before cycle 3 of 3 doses of chemo...then we will see in August the results. Praying for Peter as he wraps things up and that all comes together for a relaxed and pleasant departure. Praying for the World Reach team down there too. 
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