Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maileen's Journey - June 20

Mother's Day 2011
God is Extremely Gracious and Good...I am choked up with joyful tears...;D...It will be nice to rest through some of this before we continue again...;D

Peter was in line 15 till 7am. He and Marissa were one of the first 30 seen. Peter and Marissa's case
was given to the toughest guy, he had been expecting them. Peter was told it is illegal to not complete the adoption and asked him to look him straight in the eye and tell him that he was not trying to do anything illegal. At about 9am there (11 where I am)...We got the one year/ multiple entry visa. Praise God...thank you for praying...Even though I don't feel so great...I am so overjoyed that it eases my pain.


Peter and Marissa Nicolle have her Visa interview 7am Monday...praying for understanding, good case presentation, generous kindness and the year+ visa.

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