Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maileen's Journey - March 24

January 2009
Results are back...and I must say I am not surprised because of what he said to Peter after the surgery. (That is was odd shaped and that usually means it's cancer.)
So, he just came out and told us straight it's cancer...
they actually found 1.5 cm of cancer and it was NOT in the lymph node, but it was close to it.  It was in
the breast tissue.
This type of cancer is aggressive in young ladies...and so my system should be able to take the treatment.
We need to get to the states as soon as we can and start treatment was the doctor's suggestion.
Pray we can find a good place that takes our insurance.
Praying that we can get Marissa's papers done so we can leave without making it sound like she is going to be left motherless.
Will let you know what else I find out.
We are sending my results and the cancer with my director so we can have it checked to be examined further and know more about what specific cancer it is.
Pray that it will get state side without damage to it...since he still has a side trip to El Salvador before returning to Alabama.
Pray we can get the results in excellent hands and soon.
Love you and thanks for your prayers. 

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