Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Someone once called blogging a way of keeping a glorified journal (oh hey, Cindy).  Oh, she wasn't knocking it - we were just talking about it - because she has one too, you know.  I've always loved the idea of having a journal and have at least four or five that I've had since I was middle school-ish.  They all have random entries here and there.  I was never really good at keeping one consistently - obviously.

All this to say is that this post might not make any sense to you at all, and that's ok - 
it's all just a part of my glorified journal.
So I can read this post,

look back,
remember, and
smile & laugh -
because Bunco rocked my face off last night.
And with that, the random list begins:

Irish Potatoes - oh. my. word.
Oops, I didn't pick that one up.
I would love to burn old pictures of myself, but they ARE fun to look at.
Hail.  What the hail?
Remember French cut bathing suits - ew.
Stop throwing them at people.
How many do we have?
She doesn't get out much - she has four kids.
You can't talk to her, look at her, or interact with her while she's rolling -
she has two kids.
This reminds of latching.  Disagree.
Did you just flick a shamrock into my shirt?
The nonexistent being is better than I.
I'm sorry I just walked into your wall.
Annnnd I'm sorry I keep screaming while your children are upstairs trying to sleep.

Thanks for a fun time, girls!
The dice
Photo by: Steve Grosbois


Cindy said...

This made me laugh out loud...memories.

You walking into the wall? Priceless.

I think I threw the dice at just about EVERYONE last night.

Lindsey O. said...

I don't even know what that stuff means but I was just giggling away reading it!! Glad you had a fun night!! :)

Grace said...

Bunco will be here soon, girls!! =)