Friday, March 4, 2011

Alternative Consequences

So when our girls need some good discipline, besides
(or in addition to!) giving them a good ol' spanking - we like to use consequences. Using consequences is especially entertaining because the little ones don't quite know how to pronounce the word so that adds to our "meanest parents in the world" fun.

Let's say that after dinner, you're going to have a
fun-filled game night with your girls.
Let's say your two oldest decide they want to play
Cat in the Hat (great game by the way!)
with their daddy.
We'll spend an awesome hour together full of good times
and make great memories.
Let's say your oldest decides she doesn't want to play Cat in the Hat anymore. She'd rather play
Hulabahoo (another great game!).
Sorry Charlie, you and your sister picked one out together -
that's what we're playing.

So then, what if your seven year old decides to pout on the couch - randomly kicking the air and making these annoying sounds - making it very clear that she does not agree with your parenting skills?

I mean, what if you suggest some other great activities
that she usually enjoys?
No bueno?

What if you encourage her to join the game - it's super fun!
Nope, I'd rather kick the air.

How about you warn her that if she continues with this behavior, she's going to get a consequence?
She's cool with that - she's just going to
keep acting like a crazy person.

To make a long story short, let's just say your oldest child doesn't get to play on the computer all weekend long. Oh. The girls are only allowed to use the computer for a limited time - ONLY on the weekends. Looks like you won't be gaming with til next weekend, little one.

That's all hypothetical, though. Not that that happened - last night - in our home.

But if it did, let's say you asked your husband - what's the right thing to do right now? She's really frustrating you! Your husband is father supreme - so together you come up with the following:
1. no breakfast
2. no toilet
3. no bed

Feel free to share these with your children. I'm pretty sure they won't be too traumatized.
But remember, this is all hypothetical.

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