Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Dance Session

We're in a nice, little in-between stage where no one has anything going on Saturday mornings -
no soccer games, no basketball games, no birthday parties,
no piano recitals, no meetings, no practices...

...and, it's awesome!...

Usually, Bill goes for a quick run (5-10 miles - ew!) first thing and comes back to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. (AKA yummies).  If I can manage to get breakfast going, we turn Mumford & Sons on in the kitchen - really loud.  If not, Bill will put it on when he gets home.

We are all loving their music right now, and by all I mean ALL of us (maybe excluding Evangeline -
but I'm pretty sure I've seen her smiling almost laughing when they're playing).

All their songs are awesome, but I'm especially enjoying this one:

During this song, you might find:

1) Espy clapping like nobody's business at 0:52, 1:30, and 2:15
2) Gianna spinning & twirling around and
3) Isabella shaking her hips & shrugging her shoulders (supafly).

You don't want to know what I'm doing while they're playing.  Well, you might -
but I'm not going to tell you!

My boy Jon mentioned these lyrics on his post the other day, and I can't stop thinking about them:  

it seems that all my bridges have been burned
but you say that's exactly how this grace thing works
it's not the long road home that will change this heart
but the welcome I receive with the restart*


So if one Saturday morning, you find yourselves in our neighborhood -
stop by, have a pancake or two,
listen to some fantastic music,
and watch us sing & dance - you can sing & dance, too...
if you want
- that is -
until soccer season starts for our GiBug.

**or is it "but the welcome I receive with every start"??

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