Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Bill and I have been married for NINE YEARS!
When in the world did that happen?
Because Bill is my BFF, and our moms are the best moms/grandmas/Lolas/Nenes EVER -
Bill and I got to have a sleepover
without kids
in another city.
How 'bout them apples?

Because you know I love lists, our sleepover was superfun because:

1. Bill organized our night away...even though I always protest leaving the babies.
2. We were childless for almost 24 hours which meant we had
-a childless dinner.
-childless shopping.
-a childless brunch.
3. I took the longest shower ever because I didn't have to worry about Isabella climbing into Evangeline's crib and loving her sister too much.
4. We got to sleep in!
5. We freaked out one of the girls in our youth group because she saw us shopping,
AND I was carrying a little pink striped bag.
6.  And last, but not least -

Once upon a time when we were dating, Bill and I had a journal that we wrote in until we got married.  He brought it on our anniversary so I could read the stuff we shared oh so long ago.
AND, he just happened to journal throughout the month of March which made me cry and laugh all at the same time.
Here's a snippet (if this part of my post disappears later,
you'll know I shared too much and was required to remove the following):

(Entry 9 of 10)
Happy Anniversary!  It is hard to believe we have been married for 9 years today!  It has really flown by.  In that amount of time we have moved four times, had four wonderful daughters, I have lost my hair, you have had about four different hairstyles, we have had _____ _____ times (this is based on a 2 times per week average), we have owned 5 different vehicles, we have gotten into 3 major fights, a dozen or so quality arguments and scores of skirmishes (like this past week), you didn't come home 1 night, I have hurt your feelings way too much, we have bought 7 ipods, 8 cell phones, 3 computers, 1 treadmill, 6 pair of running shoes (me), 1 microwave (that needs to go), 12 Busch passes, 0 pieces of furniture, and not enough _____ and _____, we have contemplated moving about 31 times, talking about redoing the kitchen about 15 times and eating better for about 6 years.  We have been through a lot, both have some regrets, some things we wished we had done better...but we made it this far!  We will make it the rest of the way TOGETHER!  I love you.  I always will.  Thank you for being my bride!
Love you,


Gloria said...

Happy Anniversary, Bill & Grace!

Lindsey O. said...

Number 5 made me crack up laughing! Oh how awkward the little pink striped bags are!!! I seem to always get into a little pink striped bag "situation!" Blame it on the free coupons!

What a sweet thing for Bill to do in the journal!! :) Thanks for sharing it! Though I didn't get the 2nd fill in the blank.... probably for the best right?? haha. I'll pass on the enlightenment!

Grace said...

Mom - thank you for EVERYthing!

Lindsey - I was laughing A LOT after that incident!

Bill is a sweetie, isn't he?? I guess I'll keep him around!