Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maileen's Journey - March 28

October 2008
--well it looks like I will be leaving this week
---praying that I can do the psyc exam (last thing besides signatures) before I leave or schedule it for me to come back to do it and get back to GA...(hope it's not needed).
---and getting appointments scheduled for me and really getting the best doctors/nurses and exams...if it's chicago then chicago/alabama then alabama...we are looking in Atlanta but it depends on getting my insurance to be accepted...and my biopsy needs to get into the right hands. (I will ask for a genetic testing to be done...since this comes by Lola Maria Robel's side.)
---we are just very exhausted...(this, visits fr friends, my aches and pains, fear of it getting in my lymph nodes, Marissa's papers then the idea of building the storage place and moving for Peter into a small apt.) I am praying this goes quick and I am back within the year.
---we have a political friend that will work with trying to move Marissa's papers along so they can at least get to come up for a bit while I am going through this chemo.
---scared of the other results inside of me...for fear of the worst
---just scared to go through the months of chemo PRAYING my body can take it, the growth of my faith will be motivated and transforming so I am focused on things that are positive and enriching. Not the other way.
---but 'LIFE' is what's at the end either here with all of you or those up there.
 ---it's just so sad and I'm scared to discover how bad it is within me.
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