Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pie, A Date, A Witch, and Some Milk

We had our friends over for dinner Friday night. I love them. It's always good to spend time with old friends. We had this for dessert. Photo Source
I thought it was
Bill wasn't a huge fan, but that's ok -
I have no problem eating the leftovers.
No problem. at. all.
You should make it and tell me if I'm right -
is it as awesome as I think it is?

Saturday, Bill and I went on a date. Date nights are awesome!
Not so awesome when your date gets sick

in Target after your nice dinner.
What? What do you mean?
I'm just saying - I don't think Bill and big ol' dinners agree with each other anymore. Same thing happened to us (him) another night we went out. We had a fantastic dinner, headed over to a local coffeehouse, and boom! detour to an ice cream shop for crazy explosions everywhere. Needless to say, I'm very happy we're near restrooms each time this has happened.
Otherwise...not a pretty picture.

Sunday mornings are pretty hectic at our house. Getting five girls ready in time for church can sometimes be a challenge.
Add my crazy psycho (OCD) personality in there, and everyone's scared of the Wicked Witch. Photo Source
I'm really asking God to help me out in this area because really, I just need not be uptight about, you know - everything!
Clean & presentable? Yes.
Picture perfect? Probably not.
By the time we get to church, I'm mentally exhausted!
So thankful for a God who loves me in spite of me -
for real.
The Husband does a pretty good job of that as well.

Speaking of The Husband, Bill watched the girls while I worked out tonight (What? - I have to wear a bathing suit in a few months?!?).
I hate going to the gym.
I do love getting my calorie-burn on.
I always come home happy and refreshed.
As far as getting there though, so annoying.
So I had a great workout, and I was finishing up with a run on the treadmill. Everything was grand until, um, how should I put this...let's just say I needed to go home and feed Evangeline - ASAP.
You gotta love forgetting to wear proper attire when away from your baby for too long. I jacked that treadmill up to super speed (not really, but I was running faster than I normally do) so I could get out of there before anyone saw my pretty pretty T-shirt.

So to recap...
1. getting sick after dates
2. being a witch on Sunday mornings
3. having a big wet spot on the front of your shirt while you work out

1. having friends over & eating pie
2. getting to go out with your BFF
3. being forgiven for being a witch on Sunday mornings
4. having a good workout

Enjoy this crazy picture of our girls while
you tell me about your weekend:


Cindy said...

"...pretty pretty T-shirt."

That makes me laugh :-)

Lindsey O. said...

OH me! That was one of the biggest things I had to get used to because I made a LOT of milk. Like, medela pads couldn't hold the flood. I remember giving Daniel "the look" from across a room that meant, "we gotta go NOW, I mean NOW or there WILL be an event no one will forget!!"

I despise working out. I'm flip flopping on whether I should sign up for this Chickfila 5K still! On another note, I want a treadmill at home. Like really bad. A little birdie told me that would solve my working out problems. I'm not sure... ;)

Grace said...

Cindy - it was ridiculous ANNND only on one side! Even prettier...

Lindsey - it was not a fun feeling when I realized what was going down. Not cool at all ... I'm thinking of doing the same 5K! Cindy (above) is doing it - and a few other friends. I used to have a treadmill - we broke up last year. ;)