Thursday, March 10, 2011

Queen of Distraction

This is why I'm so easily distracted -
because technology sucks me in like a
like a....
I can't think of anything funny or witty - but let's just say I am easily wooed by blogs/blogging, tweets, FB,
my husband's hotness
(wait - that's not technologcal! - silly me),
emails, texting, etc.  Good thing we have four children to keep me on task:

Gigi's bothering me!
I'm hungry!
I need to go potty!
Where is my (thing that can only be seen & found by my eyes)?
The baby needs you!
Isabella's on top of (anything that can be climbed). 
What's for dinner? 

I woke up super early yesterday to get my workout on - which means by 7:48pm, I was ready for night
night.  I had a few more things to do, though.  Had I done them without
"checking my email real quick"
(twenty times),
I would have in bed by 9pm for sure
(I know - grandma status last night for real!).
Instead, I have entertaining conversations like this:

 Cindy: are you upme: yes =(grocery list making for the AM!Cindy: Whyyyy  oh dear me: i know - annoying!  why does my family need food all the time??? Cindy: soooo needyme: i just put my breast accessory (evy) away Cindy: haha me: what are YOU doing?Cindy: watching tv...hanging out

me: where did i go?  oh here i am =)Cindy: hahame: i hate making grocery listsoh do i have this Cindy: haha me: oh wait do i have that  wait what are we eating next Tuesday  A.NOY.YING.

Fun?  Yes.
Productive?  Not so much.
(You should have just come over, Cindy!)

So, I'll try to do better.
I'm feeding Evangeline right now.  Then, I'm going to put the groceries away
and put that load of laundry away
and clean up a little before we pick up Gianna 
after I check my GoogleReader
real quick.
Apple keyboard
Photo by: Hakan Dahlstrom

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